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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~Feeling Frenchie~

~Feeling an Itch to travel lately....Paris was the first place on my mind, Then Germany of course!!

~Feeling Frenchie~

~Sucker for Bow Ties~

I don't know what it is about a Bow Tie that puts a smile on my face. Maybe its the fact that i feel like i'm 7 and oversized bows in my hair made me feel so girly and special growing up. Even now this simple shape can add so much whimsy to my outfit and mood. Playful. 

~I Packaged up my very first Etsy Sale today~
Shipped the "Free Bird" Extension and Headband all the way over to the  Land Down Under.
I have to say that I was really excited to know that my first sale on Etsy was from Australia. Crazy to be connected across the globe ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 Things to do for your Daughter

Jeremiah 29:11
                                                                               Source: shopruche.com via Brittany on Pinterest

1. Paint her nails. Then don't freak out if she smudges them or messes them up.
Let her know that is is fun to look pretty and do girly things but having fun and being a kid is above perfect toe nail polish.

2) Let her play dress up with your clothes and shoes, it helps to let her develop  her own little style and confidence in her own decisions.
There is something about being able to wear moms clothes and shoes.
 I know that is always made me feel special. I loved the scent of perfume that lingered reminding me of my Mom.  I think it's good for them to play dress up and have fun mixing whatever they want together. It's so cute to see what they come up with! Amelie usually wraps my scarves, belts, leggings around her neck and hold her head up high as she walks down the hall. No matter what I'm always saying "Ooohh how pretty".  And if the house gets too quite I know exactly where to find her.....My closet!

3) Guide your daughter into being a confident and independent women. 
Believing in her an lifting up her strengths. Be her number one fan! And always lead by example...express your passions, help her find hers; know who you are as a women and then help her to know who she is.

4)Hold her hand. For safety, for strength, for love. 
No matter how old she is the security from a mothers hand offers so much more than can describe.  

5)Play with her. Tea parties, dress up, read stories... make up stories!  Help her imagination grow! Play outside with her and let her get dirty;) 
My great grandmother always said " There is Plenty of soap and water" ....so let them be a kid for it won't last long.  Plus a little dirt is good for them, to me it shows that there is still beauty in imperfection...messy hair dirty face...it's good to let them be and not always immediately clean them up right away. Of course there is a time and place but all in all teach them to be adventurous, fun loving, and spirited. Show her how to be a lady with polite manners but also it okay to be outside and have fun.

6) Teach them to sing! Even if you are not a singer yourself just turn on music and let them be sing. Let them see how you worship and praise Jesus. Sing, play songs that will be instilled with them forever. 
My mom played children's worship music for us all of the time growing up so much so the I still sing through the books of the Bible to find the chapter I am looking for, or when I turn on Amelie's cd of worship I remembered all of the words from years ago. 

7) Pray with her and teach her how to pray.
Pray with her though out the day not just meals.  When she falls and hurts herself and when there is something to be thankful for.  So far she loves to clap at the end of a Prayer and says "Ma-Men"for Amen.

8) Take her on special Dates. 
Father Daughter dates and Mommy Daughter dates.  Her dates with her daddy will mean so much as they grow and become a women. It will show them a Fathers love as well as example of what a Heavenly Fathers Love is like for his daughter, as well as an example of the kind of man to look for in the future. Dates are so special to little girl and will leave a lasting impression and will show her Love in so many ways.

9) Teach her to be a Friend
A friend that loves at all times. A Friend that encourages, lifts up and shows love. Teach her by example how to be the kind of friend she would like to have.  Be a better friend so she may see how important your girls are in your life.  Show her how to be the sort of friend that will be there for whatever the reason even if you are walking two different paths.

10) Be Present. Be there for her.
Show her her she matters by just holding her, kissing her and cuddling.  Get down to her level and listen to her stories even if it's for me at the moment gibberish.   Give her guiding discipline when need (which they will)  to help mold her character and show her that yes you are her friend but you are still mom. Always be there for her no matter what. With questions, sickness, and just to listen.

You are so loved Amelie for the little girl you are now and for the women you are destined to be. God has blessed us so much in choosing us to be your parents. We will do everything in God reliant strength to instill you with everything you deserve. 

{I would love to hear of your 10,20,30 rules for raising your girls or boys. Leave a link or your list in the comment section and spread a little of your rules for us to enjoy} 
~Check out this great blog and enjoy her rules for her boys;)~
This blog inspired my 10 rules

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!!!

~ Yay! It's Spring has officially begun. The Snow is melting and birds are chirping. I love Spring!! The beautiful colors around, warmth to the air, longer evenings...it's the best. Here are some colors, quotes and textures that put a big smile on my face........
Source: flickr.com via Brittany on Pinterest

Monday, March 19, 2012

***Snow Flakes in a Blizzard***

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We Finally had our first Snow of the Year! We had to hold out a long time for this storm. I would have loved to have a white Christmas, but nope we had ourselves a white St. Patricks Day instead. I'll take it! 
This was Amelie's first time playing in and enjoying the snow. She loved watching the snowflakes fall and would hold out her hand trying to capture as many as she could. I love this stage she is in right now. She is soaking up Everything. Chad and I have a walking imitator, anything from our sounds, actions, singing....

 I love the snow, well in moderation and when I am not the one driving...oh and when it doesn't result in a 5 day power outage! I love the peaceful sound to the air, it's as if the world is pausing for a moment.  As I watched the largest snowflakes I have ever seen fall from the sky I was caught in amazement of God's handy work.  There was a documentary I watched awhile back called "Tilt a Whirl" and he used a line that struck a cord in me... "Snowflakes in a Blizzard".  Don't you just love the way that sounds. We are unique, individual, special, crafted by our Fathers hands chosen to live in this beautiful blizzard of a world. 
 I am a snowflake. Completely different than any other individual. I completely understand the pressures of this world. But why do we continue to try to keep up with it, we are only damaging the edges of our snowflake.  Trying to re-create a different image than what God has designed for us to be. My true desire is to see the beauty and characteristics in others and respect it, not feel the pressure of "keeping up".  I know how hard it can be to see someone who is perfect on the outside, or seems to have it all together and be envious of it or get down on yourself. But what if we were to stop those feelings before the enemy lets them take over. What  if we were to give a compliment, or to just be kind when you are having those jealous feelings. Then we would not be letting the devil win.  I want to be a strong snowflake, one whose edges don't wear off and melt into the mixture of society.  I want to pay compliments more, admire Gods creation in others beauty and not be envious, and be more approachable with others. Yes, we are snowflakes in a blizzard, but it is up to how we blow around. Are we going to toss and be swayed by the ways of the world or will we choose to be strong in who our Father designed us to be.